snapshot 7.22

recently finished: still nothing. I think I'm fighting off an infection. I feel rundown and tired, and it's affecting my reading. Things may stay slow on the blog for a bit, but I'm trying. 

currently reading: Baby Teeth by Zoje Stage. Wow, what a terrifying book! It's the story of a mother and daughter and the misunderstandings and secrets that divide them. It is so insane. And a little fascinating. And I tried to listen to Frances Mayes' latest Women in Sunlight on audio, but it's a tough listen. She writes so beautifully that after every sentence, I just want to stop the audio and close my eyes and savor the words still hanging in the air. It's so beautiful! 

up next: Believe Me, a new thriller from the writer who brought us The Girl Before, and Charlotte Walsh Likes to Win, from one of the writers of Fitness Junkie and The Knockoff, both of which I adored. I can't wait to dive into these too!