the heart of a quail, the knees of a bee, and the meow of a cat

Fifth-grader Annie Brown knows her passion. She loves to come up with helpful inventions and write television commercials about them. She calls herself a wrinventor. There are the Smell Smashers, small air fresheners you can wear as jewelry for stinky places like the school cafeteria or the Hue Guru, which can help you pick the perfect color of paint for any room. And Annie has commercials in mind for them all. So when Annie finds out that a local kids webshow is starting up and looking for kids to star as announcers, she knows that this is her chance. 

The problem is that her almost-always best friend Savannah is a natural performer. And a natural athlete. And a natural beauty. Savannah is just good at everything without even trying hard, and Annie sometimes has trouble feeling like she means as much to her almost-always best friend as her almost-always best friend means to her. And then when Savannah comes into Annie's audition and steals the director's attention, Annie has even more trouble being an almost-always best friend. 

It's not easy for Annie to find her place in the sun, but as wrinventor, she finds a way, even makes a way, for herself and figures out how to be a good friend despite all the colorful feelings she has about the rules of friendship that come with growing up. 

Annie B., Made for TV is a charming middle grade debut for picture book author Amy Dixon. With colorful characters battling real relationship issues and the challenging emotions of growing up, Annie B. creates a world of smart, talented kids who learn to be each other's cheerleaders in this adorable, fun story of friendship and forgiveness. This is a great edition to any middle grader's summer reading list. 


Galleys for Annie B., Made for TV were provided by Running Press Kids through NetGalley, with many thanks.