snapshot 6.10

just finished: I'm going to count Allison Pearson's I Don't Know How She Does It, since I'm only about 50 pages away from the ending. Really, I should be reading it now because things are happening, people, and I want to see where all the (contents of a biodegradable nappy) ends up after it bounces off that fan. This book is so amazing! And the plan is to head right into her newest one, How Hard Can It Be? 

currently reading: I'm still listening to Ritz and Escoffier, which is so rich and amazing. Luke Barr can make history come to life, he writes about people who are bigger than life and takes us on such a journey. Such an amazing book! And I'm reading a fun cozy called Scone Cold Killer. Although I'm also having some issues reading more than one book at a time right now. I tend to go back and forth, reading one book at a time and then reading 10. Right now, I'm heading back down to one. Maybe it's a summer thing. 

up next: Ummmmm. I have no plans. I'm just winging it for the moment. So we'll see.