snapshot 4.8

recently finished: umm, nothing. I wanted to get a lot of reading done this weekend, but things happen. 

currently reading: It's Shakespeare week for me. Out Tuesday is Jo Nesbo's modern retelling of Macbeth. I haven't read much yet, but what I have read is absolutely luminous. I can't wait to get back to it. I also have Edward St. Auben's Dunbar, which is a retelling of Othello. It's amazing as well. But I have a confession. I've never actually read or seen Othello. I know what it's about, but somehow I got through school without having read it. So I found an audio version of it starring Lenny Henry, which I plan on listening to this week. 

up next: I'm not sure because my thoughts are a little scattered right now. But I know that the new Julian Barnes is out soon. I may have to go with that one. And Chef Edward Lee has a new memoir/cookbook coming out, Buttermilk Graffiti. That one is definitely on my list! 


note 4.9: Duh! My allergies have been acting up lately, and I guess my brain just wasn't getting enough oxygen last night when I said Dunbar is based on Othello. Of course it's not! It's based on King Lear. However, there is another novel in the Shakespeare series based on Othello. It's New Boy by Tracy Chevalier. And you know it's on my TBR.