art and cats and anxiety and humanity

It's hard to be on social media these days and not know who Sarah Anderson is. Even if you don't recognize her name, you'll know her art. Her Sarah's Scribbles are all over the internet, and with good reason. Sarah has a way of expressing herself with a sly self-deprecation and wry wit mixed with a brutal honesty. 

Herding Cats is her third collection of comics, and it's a smart compendium of her love of cats and dogs and books along with the subtleties of her relationships and the challenges of staying physically and mentally healthy. With cartoons about PMS, time management, social media, introversion, venting, insomnia, and that dreaded pinky toe smack (I cringe just typing that one in), Herding Cats is a delightful escape from reality while being so poignant, it draws you back into life's realest moments. 

And as if that's not enough (which it totally is, all by itself), the end of the book morphs into something different altogether. Based on questions Sarah is asked all the time, she takes the time to talk seriously (and humorously) about art. What is art, and how is making art different now that social media is such a prominent part of it? Which critics do you listen to and how do you let that change your work? And how do you survive as an artist, despite being broke, despite being broken, despite being bullied? She shares the answers that have kept her making her art, and I couldn't help but be so incredibly moved by her encouraging words and drawings. This section could be a book in itself, a valuable book of insight and encouragement for artists everywhere. This makes Herding Cats a Must Have Book. There is just no other way to describe it. Buy this book. But it for yourself. Buy it for all the artists and aspiring artists you know. Buy it for high schoolers and college students and adults of all ages. Art is important, and Sarah Anderson helps us all find the art in our lives through her drawings, through her words, and through her book. 

Seriously, buy Herding Cats now. Buy it often. Share with everyone you know. 


Galleys for Herding Cats were provided by Andrews McMeel Publishing through NetGalley, with many thanks.