a writer's retreat with treats . . . and murder

A writer's retreat in a fabulous mansion in Aspen Hills, Colorado. A week to concentrate on writing with a small group of like-minded writers. Plenty of solitude, plenty of emotional support from fellow artists, and plenty of tasty treats home-baked by a fabulous chef. What more could you want? 

Author Cat Latimer and her business partner Shauna Clodagh have set up a monthly writer's retreat at Cat's house for five writers a month in an attempt to supplement her book royalties with some extra income. But their distraction is difficult to overcome when Shauna's fiance is found poisoned. 

Although Shauna was seen with the rat poison that ended up in her Irish Stew, Cat knows that her friend would never kill anyone and finds herself juggling an amateur investigation with her writer's retreat and her own writing. And if that wasn't enough for her to take on, she's also still looking into the mysterious death of her ex-husband, despite being warned off by both Uncle Pete and a shadowy mob member who seems able to enter her house whenever he wants. And since Pete is the local sheriff, you'd think she'd listen. 

You'd think. 

Of Murder and Men is the third in the Cat Latimer series, and it's yet another beautifully written cozy mystery by Lynn Cahoon. With interesting characters, a plot that drives the story ever forward, and a nose for crime-solving, Of Murder and Men is a fun and fantastic mystery with a strong setting and a new twist to having a writer out looking for a murderer. But watch out for the descriptions of the food--they'll make you hungry for muffins, fresh bread, and pizza! 


Galleys for Of Murder and Men were provided by Kensington Books through NetGalley, with many thanks.