snapshot 3.18

just finished: Queen of Hearts by Kimmery Martin. It's Grey's Anatomy in a book, sort of. It's the story of two doctors who have been friends since they were teenagers. Their 3rd year of residency was significant, for spoilery reasons, and the story flashes back to that year and as well as them as working mothers in their 30s. I truly enjoyed the book, and as that is her first novel, I am very much looking forward to more from her. 

currently reading: I say I'm reading I'll Be There in the Dark, but it's slow going. I'm a little scared of it, as I have enough issues with anxiety these days to be reading true crime. But I'll get through it somehow. And I'm reading The Last Equation of Isaac Severy, a sort of literary mystery, and a book about 70s Christian musician Larry Norman called Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music? I do love that title. For the other Christian rock nerds in the '80s, I bet that phrase sounds familiar, as Geoff Moore did a rocking cover of it on his second album (if I remember correctly). Looking it up with the help of the Googles, I found it on youtube--the song sung by Geoff Moore and Larry Norman. Check it out here, and then check out the book. 

up next: A couple of humorous novels I have been so looking forward to: What You Don't Know about Charlie Outlaw and Digging In. I can't wait!