saying the unsaid

Julia Walsh is about to get married. If she can manage to take a few hours off work, that is. She is young, ferociously passionate about her work, and in love. But when her father suddenly dies and the funeral is planned for her wedding day, all her wedding plans are set aside.

She didn't have a great relationship with her father, and when he die so close to her wedding, her feelings exploded with resentment and anger. His coldness to her as she grew up, especially after her mother died, is something she'd never forgiven him for. But his death brings into her life a whole new chance to revisit that relationship and make her peace with her past. 

All Those Things We Never Said has a huge twist to it that I certainly didn't see coming, and I'm not going to give away what that is. I encourage you to check the story out yourself and see what you think.

Author Marc Levy is a bestselling author in France, and this is not his first book to make it to America, where his popularity has continued to grow. I can understand why. His writing is engrossing, his characters strong and interesting, and his story inventive. This was my first chance to read anything by Levy, but I will make sure to read more of his books in the future. All Those Things We Never Said is an engaging look at family relationships, at how secrets can divide, and how the truth can heal. 


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