snapshot 1.21

just finished: A Boy Made of Blocks. I mentioned it last week, and I think I called it a memoir. It's actually fiction. I had no idea until I finished the book and read the notes after. But it is based (loosely) on the author's experiences. He does have a son on the autistic spectrum, and they were able to connect more through computer games like Minecraft. But this novel is fantastic, and I'm so grateful to St. Martins for nudging me in that direction. 

currently reading: Just started a couple of novels that are coming out this week, Anatomy of a Scandal (doesn't that sound fantastic?) and This Love Story Will Self-Destruct. I have heard lots of good things about both of them, so it should be a good reading week. I'm also restarting a cozy I started reading several weeks ago but had to put aside because of work chaos. It's Seeds of Revenge, and I can't wait to dive back in. 

up next: Not too sure. I'm still digging out from last year, so between all those fantastic books and all the amazing books coming out this month, I have too many to read. It makes my head spin to think of what's next, so I'll just have to let you know next week.