snapshot 1.14

just finished: a powerful and heartbreaking middle grade book about a boy who has to deal with the death of his best friend's father by suicide. And another book on how to live lagom, titled Live Lagom. Because balance is good. 

currently reading: A Boy Made of Blocks, a memoir of a father whose son has autism and who struggles to understand or to connect with his son. I'm not very far in yet, so it's still pretty hard to read (emotionally; it's very well written). I'm assuming that since he wrote a book and got it published by St. Martins that he learns how to find a way into his son's comfort zone and they find a deep and powerful connection. If not, I'm going to be very angry with this book. I've also started reading Alan Cohen's Relax into Wealth, hoping I can make that happen this year. 

up next: There are a lot of good thrillers that just came out, but after The Vanishing Season I'm struggling to pick them up. But they're waiting for me, The Chalk Man, Grist Mill Road, The Perfect Nanny, The Woman in the Window, Two Girls Down. So many good books out in January!!