snapshot 9.3 . . . and an apology

recently finished: nothing. But I'm working on a lot right now. I do love to read more than one book at a time, and right now I've got a lot going. It makes me happy. 

currently reading: I'll Have What She's Having, about the romcoms of Nora Ephron. The One That Got Away. And the thrillers: Good Me, Bad Me; A Good Sister; Unraveling Oliver. And a cozy mystery, A Tale of Two Kitties. 

up next: Celeste Ng's new and very hot Little Fires Everywhere. Ann Cleeves' latest Vera mystery The Seagull (can't wait for that one!). And I haven't yet had a chance to break into Sue Grafton's Y, but you know I'm dying to. 

and the apology: Things have been a little inconsistent around here lately, because things got really crazy and stressful at my day job. I know it's okay, but I still want to be a better blogger. I am aiming for consistency, and I have had publishers entrust me with early copies of their books. I try to talk about these books as close to their pub dates as I can, and right now I'm several weeks behind. So over the next few weeks, expect more postings than just one a day. I am reading like a crazy woman, trying to get my enthusiasms onto the blog, so everyone else can be as excited about these titles as I am. So let's get reading!