snapshot 8.27

recently finished: my postal book club book. I've been tight-lipped about these all year, but I will spill the beans on them all in December, when the final round is done and accounted for. 

currently reading: Glass Houses by Louise Penny. It's the latest in the Inspector Gamache series. It comes out Tuesday. And it is absolutely amazing. More tomorrow . . . And a book about the brilliant films of Nora Ephron, the big three anyway, called I'll Have What She's Having. It's a fascinating look at how the movies When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, and You've Got Mail changed the romantic comedy and all of its fans forever. I know they changed me. 

up next: The One That Got Away, a modern retelling of Jane Austen"s Persuasion. A creepy thriller, Unraveling Oliver. And Marcia Clark's new book in her Samantha Brinkman series, Snap Judgment.