snapshot 7.30

recently finished: See What I Have Done, by Sarah Schmidt. It's a retelling of the story of Lizzie Borden from some of the people who were closest to the crime. It's weird and creepy and beautifully written. Come back tomorrow for more about this one. 

currently reading: Pieces of Happiness, about a group of retired women who join their friend at her cocoa farm in Fiji. Yes, it's about women friends. Yes, it's about a cocoa farm. Yes, it's about Fiji. What's not to like? Also, The Goddesses, about women friends in Hawaii. Am I feeling the need for a tropical vacation right now? Maybe . . . 

up next: Gone Gull. Talk about the winner of best title! As soon as I heard that, I knew I needed to read it. Add in the fact that it's one of Donna Andrews' brilliant bird mysteries starring Meg Langslow and her fantastically wacky family, and it was on my Kindle as soon as my little fingers could move. As a note: if you've never read any of Donna Andrews' mysteries, you are missing out. My recommendation (if you're not like me and have to almost obsessively start with the first book in any series): book 8 of the series, The Penguin Who Knew Too Much. Who but Meg would have a father who hides penguins in her basement? This cozy murder mystery weaves together humor, wonderful personalities, and a smart crime into a beautiful, fun read. Well, actually all her books do. Don't let the bird titles put you off. These books are some of my long-time favorites, and any fan of mysteries needs to be familiar with the name Donna Andrews.