snapshot 6.4

recently finished: I'm so close to finishing, so I'm going to count it. He Said, She Said, which comes out Tuesday. It's one of the big thrillers of this summer, and it is amazing. I also finished Eddie Izzard's memoir, which comes out a week from Tuesday. What can I say? He's Eddie Izzard. He's always entertaining. Both of these, highly recommended. 

currently reading: On Edge, a memoir about anxiety (this is a good time for me to be reading about another woman's struggle with anxiety. With my job this crazy right now, it's nice to feel like I'm not alone). And I've been listening to an old Scott Turow novel. His writing is so vast, and so intimate, that he just draws you in for the whole story and doesn't let go. It's quite a ride on audio. 

up next: I've been meaning to dig into Scott Turow's new novel Testimony. Hopefully this will be the week. The same goes for The Fact of a Body. I read a few pages a couple of weeks ago, but I need to find the time to devote to these new books. They're both worth it. 

some random programming notes: Lately I've been struggling to get an audiobook in every week. So I've decided that after June, I'm taking an audiobook break for the summer. I'll bring them back in the fall, although it may just be every other week. We'll see. #summerreading