snapshot 6.11

recently finished: A thriller coming out in July, Watch Me Disappear. It's mesmerizing. I can't wait until it's the release date, so I can gush about it. A woman goes missing, hiking on the trails alone. All they found was her cell phone on the bottom of a ravine and a shoe. But when her teenaged daughter starts having visions of her, and her husband notices that tens of thousands of dollars have disappeared from their joint savings account, they have to wonder what really happened on that mountain hike. What they find out along the way changes both of them, but are they strong enough to survive the truth? It's coming out next month, so get ready for quite a ride. 

currently reading: Finally getting a chance to read Jami Attenberg's All Grown Up. It's a novel of a woman living and working in Manhattan and trying to survive being single in her thirties. It's written in the first person, and the character's voice is so strong that I have to keep reminding myself it's a novel, not a memoir. It's a novel, not a memoir. It's a novel, not a memoir. And a reminder for you: it's a really good novel; you should think about reading it. It's a really good novel; you should think about reading it It's a really good novel; you should think about reading it. I'm still working on my Turow. And I've been wanting to dive back into some old favorites. It's just how I'm feeling this summer. 

up next: I've got some really good memoirs coming up soon. George Noory, coast of late night radio Coast to Coast, has a book coming out toward the end of this month, so that should be quite a read. And I got a copy of Faith Salie's Approval Junkie. I got a chance to read an excerpt earlier this year, and her writing voice sounds exactly like what I expected after listening to NPR's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me. I can't wait to dive into her memoir. Good summer reading! 

and . . . 

special announcement: Earlier this year I read and talked about a book called Everything You Want Me To Be. The ebook is on sale all week, starting tomorrow, so head to Amazon to buy it! It will make for great reading by the pool, or if you're anything like me in the summer, on the comfy sofa in the air conditioning with a big glass of iced tea.