snapshot 5.28

recently finished: nothing new, still keeping barely ahead of the blog. 

currently reading: Ariel Levy's heartbreaking memoir The Rules Do Not Apply. Scott Turow's Testimony. Kevin Kwan's Rich People Problems. And The Fact of a Body. Also, I got access to an early copy of Eddie Izzard's upcoming memoir I Believe. I am learning so much about his childhood. But there is still part of my brain that always goes to the same place with Eddie Izzard: cake or death? Don't know what I'm talking about? It's on YouTube, of course. 

up next: Some amazing summer novels, some from this year and some from last. Growing Up. The Garden of Small Beginnings, The Girls, The Nest, The Portable Veblen. And a new novel coming in July from the awesome women who wrote The Knockoff. The new one is Fitness Junkie, and I can't wait to dive in!