they are kids. who meddle. sound familiar?

In a simpler time, there was a group of kids who solved mysteries. Two guys, two girls, and a dog who spent their summers investigating spooky mansions and haunted houses. Usually, they found that it was just an adult in a costume behind all the "ghost" sightings, and the kids became famous for uncovering the nefarious deeds and the reasons behind them. 

But during that last case, something happened. Something they couldn't understand. Or explain. Or even talk about. 

Now it's 13 years later, and the kid detectives are no longer kids. But they're not quite adults either. Each struggling in their individual lives, they decide that the only way to move forward in their lives is to go back. To go back to the last mystery of the Blyton Summer Detective Club of Blyton Hills, Oregon. Keri, the biologist with the flowing red hair, and her weimaraner. Andy, the tomboy who now has to give a court-ordered speech about the danger of her kick to the crotch before getting into a bar fight. Nate, the nerdy sci-fi reader who occasionally checks himself into a mental institute to try to straighten out his head. And Peter, the all-American who became an actor and got hooked on drugs, even Peter is there in his own way. It will take all of their courage, strength, determination, and combined intelligence to solve this final mystery.

Edar Cantero took a familiar theme and turned it into a comedic horror novel of epic proportions. The result is Meddling Kids, a laugh-out-loud take on the cartoons of Scooby Doo, with a hearty helping of other pop culture references as well. 

I don't exactly know how to talk about this book. Because I loved this book. I LOVED this book. It is not enough merely to say this. If I had the means, I would buy palettes of this book and hand it out at malls, at grocery stores, at food kitchens, bookstores, libraries, schools, or anywhere I might find people who know how to read a book. Because I FREAKIN' LOVED THIS BOOK. I have already told my friends to buy this book and read it. I tell everyone I pass in hallways to read this book. And now I am telling you: 


We all know the Scooby-Doo legend. We all watched the cartoons growing up. This is your chance to go back and relive those moments again, but in the most perfectly amazing way possible. 

Have I mentioned that I love this book and want everyone to read it? Actually, why are you still reading this? Go buy the book, Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero, and read it now. Right now! And then tell everyone you know to read it too. You will thank me for this, I promise. 


Galleys for Meddling Kids provided by Doubleday Books through, with all of the thanks I could possibly hold.