listen up: eat America!

When you are a foodie and a man of the world, and you decide at long last to become an American citizen, what do you do to learn about your new home country? You eat yourself from one end of the country to the other, of course. And that is exactly what food writer and well known culinary competition judge Simon Majumdar did. The result: one more American citizen, stories of vibrant American dishes to savor, and a book that details all of those amazing food adventures: Fed, White, and Blue. 

From lobster fishing in Maine to judging a kosher barbecue competition in Kansas, from making cheese in Wisconsin (and getting a little overly familiar with whey, through no fault of his own) to helping brew beer in Colorado, Majumdar goes all over the country to experience the flavors that we as Americans claim as our own. 

Told with Majumdar's characteristic intelligence and dry wit, Fed, White, and Blue is a celebration of the chefs, craftsmen, farmers, fishermen, ranchers, brewers, and artisans who make the United States and its food so special. He learns about the regional foods of America through the individuals who take him into their hearts and their kitchens to teach him all about their passions. 

The audiobook is narrated by Tim Andres Pabon, and I found that a little disappointing. Any time I listen to a memoir, I love to hear the author's actual voice reading their own words. I know that's not always possible, and while Pabon did a good job, I didn't think it was a great job. I felt like some of the humor and the pathos were lost in his reading. But the strength of the book definitely kept it moving forward in a clear and even charming way. 

Love food? Love America? Love American food? Then read Fed, White, and Blue and learn even more reasons to treasure this country and our unique contributions to the cuisine of the world. Listen (or read, either one will work), absorb ideas new and old, and then--most importantly--eat!