snapshot 4.23

recently finished: Not a thing other than what I've already talked about. This was a rough week, and I apologize if you were expecting more from this week's blog. Work stress has me behind and a little frazzled. Hopefully I'll get back on track over the next few weeks. 

currently reading: Postal book club pick I won't talk about until December, when the round is over. A couple of cookbooks I'll be talking about later this week. Cork Dork, a memoir about a woman who dives deeply into the wine culture. I am very excited about that one. And I finally started reading a galley I got awhile back called Meddling Kids. It's not out until July 11, but you need to remember that title, because it is so incredibly awesome. Here's the premise: a group of kid detectives and their dog solve mysteries, unmasking trouble-making adults in not-very scary costumes. (Sound familiar?) Only while solving one mystery, they ran across some things they couldn't explain by just pulling a lake monster mask off a man looking for gold. Now it's twelve years later, and the former detectives are all twenty-somethings stuck in their lives. They know that the only way to figure out the real mystery, at to get on with their lives, is to go back and solve the real mystery. The style of this novel is like Peter Clines' 14. I don't think it's possible for me to love it more. I hate having to put it aside to take care of the other stuff in my life. Eventually I'll find the time to get all the way through. Seriously, make a note: Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero, July 11. 

up next: due to technical difficulties, I still haven't gotten to Simon Majumdar's Fed, White, and Blue, so that's coming this week. Also, British comedian Eddie Izzard has a book coming out in June, and I got an early e-galley. I can't wait to read that. Cake or death? Finally, a decision I can make quickly. (Confused? Click here to see Eddie Izzard's Cake or Death) And then there are a couple of cozy mysteries and some chef memoirs that I can't wait to get to. Seriously, if things at work weren't so crazy right now, I'd take time off just to hang out at home and read books. There are so many good books coming out soon! Stay tuned for more details.