it's a mad, mad world . . . of love

Usually people meet, then date. They get to know each other slowly, eventually fall in love, and maybe make that choice to get married and spend their lives together. But (fictional) dating site Sociality is throwing all that to the wind. The have so much faith in their compatibility ratio that they are matching two singles and marrying them at first sight. The site will pay for the wedding, the Italian honeymoon, a year's rent on the beautiful West London apartment, and a pile of cash to boot. Who could resist?

California born Jessica Madison is studying in London to be a nutritionist and making some extra money by bartending in a strip club. Native Londoner Adam Holborne is a journalist reporting on computer and console games and their creators. He lives in a hellaciously dirty house with four other guys. So when they get the chance to jump into this marriage--and maybe more importantly, the new apartment and bank accounts--they don't hesitate. 

But can this marriage survive the instant introductions, the yoga injuries, the small irritations, the noise, the gaming, the butter, the in-laws, the tennis balls, and the ever-present Sociality marketing whiz Cassie McFlasterton and her cameramen? 

Humor novelist Nick Spalding's latest novel Mad Love is a look at two regular people in an extraordinary situation. Blending laugh-out-loud funny scenes with deeply personal moments, Spalding takes us into these characters' minds and hearts to deliver a modern love story with a punch. Think Nick Hornby. Think Helen Fielding. Think seriously about giving Nick Spalding a try. He's a very funny guy. 


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