snapshot 2.26

recently finished: Finally got to read The Assistants. So fun! More about that one tomorrow. That was Camille Perri's first novel, so I don't have a backlist to jump into, but I did check out some of the books that were recommended based on that one.

currently reading: Four of the Three Musketeers, about the Marx Brothers and their early days in vaudeville. And William Daniels' memoir, Here I Go Again. And I've been listening to The French Chef in America, about Julia Child's life from the start of her television show on. It's a follow up to her My Life in France, which she co-wrote with Alex Prud'homme. This book was written after her death, so Prud'homme had to rely on her letters, writings, and interviews with friends, but it's very well researched, and I'm having so much fun listen to him read it. And I'm still working my way through the books I grabbed to help with my anxiety. I find that taking those a little at a time helps me stay mindful of all of my blessings and just breathe. 

up next: A chilling literary suspense novel called Ill Will by Dan Chaon that people are already talking about (it comes out March 7). A book about hard cider, which will come out later this summer. And another thriller called The Cutaway that comes out later in March. I'm really looking forward to them all. They should be great reads!