when all else fails, cook

Trish Ford is having a bad year. Her husband Ian left her for his assistant Chloe, a smart and beautiful 20-something. Her daughter Amber turned from sweet and kind into a sarcastic, caustic teenaged girl who blames Trish for her father's leaving. Now Trish, in her 40s, an illustrator for children's books, needs more in her life. Fortunately for her, she stumbles into Connie. 

When Amber decides to take a paper route in the next Cotswold village (clearly, there's a crush-worthy teenaged boy involved in this plan), Trish goes to the newsagent's to get some more information. And there she meets Connie, one of the founding members of a cookery club. Before Trish knows what's happening, her daughter has her paper route and Trish has an invitation to enjoy a Spanish themed dinner with Connie, Kate, and Melody. 

Through Trish's husband leaving and getting his new girlfriend pregnant, Trish has learned to enjoy cooking, so the cookery club is just what she needs to deal with all the challenges that are coming at her. A new hobby, three new friends, and new opportunities help Trish to open back up to life and remember how it feels to flirt and be flirted with.

A story of family, friendship, and really good food, The Cotswolds Cookery Club: Spain (this is book 2 in the series), is absolutely adorable in every way. Book one is Connie's story, complete with the food of Italy, and the series ends with Kate's story and the food of France. They can be taken in order or not, but they should definitely be enjoyed with a cup of tea and a bit of chocolate. 

As endearing as an English village in the country, as filling as a really great meal, as healing as a great night with your best girlfriends, Alice Ross's The Cotswolds Cookery Club is a feast for the mind and soul. Take a trip to the charming English countryside and settle in for a fun, fast read. 


Galleys for The Cotswolds Cookery Club were provided by HQ Digital through NetGalley, with many thanks.