snapshot 11.19

recently finished: Susan Rieger's The Heirs, a look at what makes a family and what can tear it apart. Also, The Hygge Life, and next week we're going to have a long talk about adding coziness to your life. 

currently reading: One of my soccer dudes, Matt Beslar's, book about life on and off the pitch, No Other Home. More cookbooks (who could have guessed?). And The Secret, Book, and Scone Society, which I thought would be a light, fun read but has depth and layers. It's pretty amazing, and it comes with so many more book recommendations. Read this one with a pen and paper nearby. 

up next: For some post-Thanksgiving fun and lightness, The Cotswold Cookery Club, where women take a trip to Spain to learn more about cooking (it's the second in the series; in the first book, they went to Italy). Also, Ellen Crosby's The Vineyard Victims. Sadly, I'd gone a few years without reading one of her Wine Country Mysteries. I need to remedy that. 

I hope everyone reading this has a happy and healthy Thanksgiving, with lots of good food and fun, in a relaxing and comforting atmosphere! Happy Turkey Day! And if you're one of those of crazy Black Friday shoppers, be careful and try not to cause any fistfights!