snapshot 10.1

I'm doing something different this week. I'm still trying to catch up on my book reviews, so expect a couple a day for awhile. There are definitely some good ones coming this week! But this Tuesday is a monster release, and tonight I'm just going to talk about that one, because it's going to be big, amazing, and so much fun! 


Billionaire inventor, investor, computer scientist, and game theorist Edmond Kirsch has gathered together the finest collection of leaders and thinkers of the world in Bilbao, Spain's Guggenheim Museum. Among those are Professor Robert Langdon, one of Edmond's former teachers and a friend whose discussions of art, philosophy, and religion are an inspiration to them both. 

Kirsch has made a discovery that he thinks is going to rock the foundations of all modern religions and of everyone in the world. He believes that every Creation story we've been told is wrong, and he thinks he has the chops to explain what how the universe really did come into being. 

And all that is just the first chapter. 

Dan Brown is back, with all the things we love about him. I only got to read the first chapter, so I have not yet gotten to experience the moment of the Mickey Mouse watch, but already I am so into this story that I will have to buy it Tuesday. Origin is going to be fascinating, no matter where the story goes. And I, for one, am so excited about the ride! 


Excerpt for Origin was provided by Doubleday through, with many thanks.