cats! on the internet! who knew?

I have a limited attention span. I wish I had more space in my brain, as there are so many more books and movies and websites and podcasts and television shows and I don't even know what all to enjoy. But I am just one person, with only so much time and energy, and with only so much ability to absorb what's around me. So things fall through the cracks. But every once in awhile I get to find something I missed out on. 

This month, two graphic novels came out that are based on internet comics. Publisher Andrew McMeel (shout-out to local publishing! Kansas City rocks!) brings the adorable with Cat vs. Human Fairy Tails and the dry perfection of Business Cat: Money, Power, Treats. 

Cat vs Human Fairy Tails is a sweet look at fairy tales, but with cats added for extra cuddliness. Stories such as Rapunzel, Jack and the Beanstalk, Goldilocks, and Sleeping Beauty jump off the page with whimsical art and charming re-tellings of the traditional stories. I only had to read the first fairy tail to get taken in by artist Yasmine Surovec's view of the world. 

Business Cat: Money, Power, Treats starts with a cat in his office, a cup of coffee on his otherwise clean desk. He pushes it a little. Then a little more. Then a little more, And then it goes over the edge. So he picks up the phone, calls his assistant, and asks for another cup of coffee. How cat is that? Bringing cat to the office in new, fun, and occasionally disturbing ways, this comic stole my heart. 

I don't what more to say about these books except to give them a try. Check out the websites, and when you fall in love with these cats, buy the books!


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