snapshot 11.27

Recently finished: I just finished my family books for Thanksgiving week, and to be honest, they kinda wrecked me. I'm currently trying to get moving again, diving into some cookbooks that will make fantastic Christmas cookies and amazing Christmas cookies. 

Currently reading: A fantastic thriller called Two Days Gone that will be out in January. And lots of cookbooks, especially Dorie's Cookies. Because cookies! 

Up next: I have a list of books I'm trying to finish in December. I started reading David Simon's Homicide early this year and have let it slide to the side. I want to get back to that. And for some reason, I set aside Anthony Bourdain's Medium Raw for awhile. I got the audio, so I'm hoping that will jump start my interest there again. And I've got some more cheffy books to read as well as a memoir by A Wrinkle in Time's Madeline L'Engle. I have so many good books to read!