snapshot 11.20

Recently finished: I've been working on my dysfunctional family books for Thanksgiving week, so today I finished reading The Ice Storm by Rick Moody. I didn't know all that much about it when I started, but it turned out to be the perfect book. It's set the day after Thanksgiving. More about that one tomorrow . . .

Currently reading: More family books for the week. And some good ones that aren't coming out for awhile. I got the galleys for the sequel to A Quiet Life in the Country, so I'm starting with the first one (which my mother was raving about the last time I saw her), before heading into the second in the series. And I'm hooked by a book called Two Days Gone, which won't be out for a couple of months. But when it's available, I'll make sure to remind you because it is engrossing. 

Up next: I've been in a thriller mood lately (it's hard not to love them, as they keep you interested, even when life is filled with the shiny, like it tends to be this time of year), so I've been grabbing those up with both hands. And coming up soon here in KC is an evening with Marcus Samuelsson. He won't be cooking for us or anything, but we get to hear him talk about his life and his new cookbook. Last year, I listened to his memoir, and it was absolutely breath-taking. I'll be talking about both those books soon, so stay tuned!