trouble, trouble, gum of bubble

I recently finished reading Rebecca Solnit's Men Explain Things To Me. It is an Important Work on Feminism. It has lots of Important Ideas and Essays about How Women Can Combat Misogyny. I felt like a Better Person for having read it. 

The truth: it took me months to get through all the important essays , and I'm not really certain I've wrapped my head around it all yet. Then I read Jacky Fleming's brilliant graphic novel The Trouble with Women. 

This book takes all those Important Ideas and conveys them through thoughtful satire and pictures. She takes the heart of the Feminist Movement and makes it compelling and digestable for those of us who have difficulty with the Important Tomes (I'm sorry. I get bored easily and can be distracted by--oooh, shiny!!). 

Fleming takes a look at women through history and explains why we have been so much trouble for so long. No wonder we shouldn't vote, be educated, be considered equal, or taught how to drive. (Spoiler: it's our small heads). 

This book is a great gift for women and men, young and old. It's a book everyone should read, since it's such an important part of history (herstory?). It's fun and educational and interesting, in all the best ways. Buy it, read it, share it!


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