snapshot 10.30

Recently finished: Paulo Coelho's The Devil and Miss Prym and the things I blogged on. I didn't get as much reading done this week as I had hoped. 

Currently reading: Dear Mr. M by Herman Koch. The Secret Ingredient of Wishes by Susan Bishop Crispell. A Man with One of Those Faces by Caihm McDonnell. GIllian Flynn's Sharp Objects. So far, all of these are fantastic. Sadly, the radio in my car died this week (I'm hoping it's just a blown fuse, but we'll see), so no books on CD. But I do still have audible books on my ipod,, so there will still be audiobooks to talk to you about on Thursdays. Also, as ever, books on food and cooks. I just can't seem to stop. 

Up next: Lots of awesome cookbooks and food books. And I"m trying to clean up some books I've started and need to finish. And in preparation of Thanksgiving, books on families and their quirks and dysfunctions. Should be fun! Also, I cleaned up today in the clearance corner of Half Price Books. Arthur and George. Two by Tana French and one by P.D. James. Mary Doria Russell's Children of God. Steve Martin. Christopher Buckley, Douglas Coupland. I am so excited!! Now I just need time.