bedlam? count me in!

Bedlam & Belfry, Intergalactic Attorneys at Law:The First Dozen has a truly clever concept: stories of attorneys Bedlam and Belfry, two men who rose from humble beginnings to the heights of success in New London's legal circles. The stories follow their exploits as they try cases of questionable repute (they being of questionable repute themselves)--an alleged embezzler, copyright infringers, even suing not just the church but God Himself. 

The stories stand alone, so it's easy to pick this book up for a quick respite from everyday life and put it back down until some more free time appears. They are well-written, smart and wryly funny, and presented from the perspectives of someone near to the case in the question. The tone of the storytelling reminds me of Sherlock Holmes' Watson or the narrators in P.G. Wodehouse. 

While I haven't had a chance to finish all the stories, I have been pleasantly surprised by the wit in these tales, and I look forward to reading more. My one frustration is that despite being advertised as "Intergalactic Attorneys," there is very little science fiction in what I've read so far. Although these are clearly set in the future, there is little happening outside of "New London," where the lawyers practice. It seems like a missed opportunity, or maybe just a misnomer. But despite that, these stories are entertaining, light-hearted and delightful. 


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