c'mon, baby, kindle my fire

I spent years being a bookish Luddite. No technology for me. I just needed a good, old-fashioned paperback that I could hold in my hands, and I was good to go (or to stay). I understand the arguments against ebooks, because I made them all. I even made those arguments after I got a Kindle as a birthday gift from my mom several years ago.

After I got the Kindle, I did some research and found out about all the free ebooks, all that beautiful literature that was in the public domain and ready to be downloaded for no cost, at the click of a button. So I went a little crazy. Austen, Dickens, Shakespeare, Bronte. I got over a hundred books, and I was ready to read. 

But I didn't. I jut let it sit there as I kept to my proper, paper books. 

Fast forward to this year. I moved in with my boyfriend, and where we started, there wasn't enough room for all my books, or even a small percentage of them. So I brought my Kindle. And I found out that the technology had come so much further than I'd realized. 

By stopping by Amazon's Kindle Daily and Monthly Deal pages, I discovered entire libraries that were waiting for me at a mere $1.99 or $2.99 a book, cheaper even than most used books. And with my boyfriend's reliable wifi network, downloading was a breeze. 

Now I'm addicted. I'm all about the ebooks. I can take a hundred books with me wherever I go, so I have lots of reading choices. I can find affordable books with ease. And maybe best of all, no one can see what it is that I'm reading. Not that I read a lot of embarrassing things, but sometimes I just don't want to talk about it yet, so if someone asks me what I'm reading, I can rattle off the title of something else I read recently and keep my current thoughts to myself while I process the story. 

I am in love with ereading! 

I realize not everyone feels that way, and that's fine. This works for me. I hope everyone that wants to read finds the way that works best for them, whether it's audio, libraries, hard copies of books, or ebooks. Just read.