michael ruhlman is a god

It didn't occur to me until this year that I should try to roast a chicken. It's not something we did at home growing up. We made lots of other foods, and I'm sure it was possible for us to roast a chicken. It jut never came up. It wasn't something we did. 

But over the past several months, I'd heard people talking about it like it was doable. Like it was something people did. Almost like it was a foregone conclusion. 7.

So I thought we should try it. 

I did what I do whenever I try to do something new. There is a series of steps I follow. 

1. Panic. 

2. Tell myself it's going to be all right, that I just need some information. So I do a Google search and collect some data, some ideas, see what other people have done. 

3. Make definite plans. For a meal such as this, plan would include a grocery list and recipe ideas. That sort of thing. 

4. Panic again and try to talk myself out of it. 

5. Realize that (again, specific to this case, but some of this can be generalized) my boyfriend is not only all in, but he's invited friends over to share the roast chicken dinner that I'm not even sure I can pull off. 

6. Panic again.

7. Roast the chicken and have it turn out to be one of the finest dining experiences of my life. 

So I say that Michael Ruhlman is a god, because we used his recipe (if you can call it that) from Twenty, and it's as fine a recipe as was ever written. I saw "if you can call it that" because there really isn't much there. He leaves specifics up to you. He gives you the basics, offers ideas for seasoning, and trusts you not to screw it up too badly. We have used this recipe twice, and it's amazing. Do you want to know how to cook something? Get to know Michael Ruhlman. He has the answers you want. 

Anyway, back to chicken. Or really, back to panic. I've spent a lot of years dealing way too much with fear. Generalized anxiety, social anxiety, ptsd, panic attacks--you name it, I've been there. Fear is a part of life, for those of use who aren't psychopaths. You can let it rule your life, or you can just accept its place and learn to breathe. Leaning on others helps a lot too, once you find trustworthy people. There are still bad weeks, bad days, bad moments. But in the end, if you keep breathing, and follow your plan step by step, you too can roast a chicken. And you know what means? Leftovers the next day for the easiest, tastiest chicken and noodles you can think of.