Kansas City

thank you, baseball dudes!

I remember a few years back when almost nobody cared that we had a baseball team here in Kansas City. I knew a couple of die hard fans, and maybe we'd go every once in awhile for dollar nights, just to do something fun that wouldn't cost much. But beyond that, no one cared. 

And then something happened. There was a magical chemistry that became apparent. The Royals started winning. People started talking about baseball and wearing jerseys. They grew in momentum. There was talk of a post-season. People who didn't care about baseball (and I won't lie, I was one of them!) started caring about the Royals. And then they made the playoffs. And then they took the pennant. And then everyone cared about the Royals. 

The next year, they came back and played with their magical chemistry again. They had a strong season. And again there was a post-season. And not only that, they won the World Series! The celebrated, the city celebrated. There was a big parade through town. Thousands of people showed up. You can see the photos. It's a sea of blue. Everyone was happy. We were winners! 

And then came this season. It seemed like the injuries hit early and often. Pitching was inconsistent. Hitting was inconsistent. It seemed like we couldn't catch a break. Today's loss ended our season. No playoffs. No post-season. No big magic. 

And I'm totally okay with that. 

I love my Royals. I will miss them until next spring. I know that we may not get everyone back, as important contracts are up for grabs. But I will stay. My loyalty will not be shaken. Even when we struggle to get that magic back. Even when the chemistry breaks down. Even when we are plagued by injuries or rough patches or streaks of bad luck, I will stay. 

You guys taught me so much about teamwork, about working together, about saying thank you, and about celebrating those who deserve it. You guys won my heart. I'm in. I am now a Baseball Fan. I am Forever Royal.