wimmhtw* 9.29

1. A quiet weekend. We didn’t have to go anywhere or so anything extra. We got to just sit and watch the sportsball (more about that further down), and run our usual errands, and eat good food, and hang out with our cat, and read, and sleep, and nothing more than that. It was a much-needed refresher, and I am very grateful.

2. Online shopping. I need things, and I want things, and I don’t want to deal with other humans any more than is absolutely necessary. So Amazon. And other online stores and food delivery places. So happy about that! I mean, I need to get a Huskers shirt or two to bring it at work, for the woman wearing that (gasp) Boomer Sooner shirt. And I heard a rumor that dinner may include my favorite brownies. If I had the means, I may never leave home again.

3. Sportsball players and coaches. There are some sports I really love to watch (soccer) and others that I watch because my bf really loves them (professional football). But last week, our beloved Royals manager Ned Yost announced his retirement. He is the manager who took us to the World Series in 2014 and 2015, winning it that second year. He is the only baseball manager that I connected with, and he will always be Royals baseball to me. He will be missed! This was also maybe the last game for Royals player Alex Gordon, who has been my favorite for years (or maybe just his last game for the Royals, we’ll have to see when all the deals are signed). And the season is winding down for my favorite KC soccer guys, Sporting KC. They had a rough year, lots of injuries and lots of changes on the field. They did their best, and now they need some time to recover. I was sad to hear this week that one of our great European players, the Frenchman Yohann Croizet, has parted ways with the team, but I wish him all the best. He was a great player, and was willing to be versatile when we needed him to. So, many thanks to all the players and coaches who have made Kansas City sports so amazing these past few years (you know, when I started paying attention to them). Cheers to you!

*what is making me happy (and a little sad) this week