wimmhtw* 9.22

1. Seeing the moon in the sky as I head into work. All last week, the moon was visible in the morning sky (after sunrise), and I do love that. It reminds me of the years in my 20s before I understood quite how cruel the world could be and everything was hope and possibility. Around that time I found a random novel with a story line that revolved around the moon, and it reminded me of everything I loved about really good books. So much has happened in the years since that time of my life that I barely feel like the same person most days, but when I see the moon, especially during the day, it reminds me of how I once believed that anything was absolutely possible and maybe even probable.

2. Family. We spent the weekend with my boyfriend’s family, who we haven’t been able to see all year because of flooding and crazy schedules. But we finally made it up to see them, and we had a really good time. It was great to check in, to hug them and laugh with them and just hang out with them. And then we got to come home and get lots of kitty snuggles. Because: family.

3. Leftover fried chicken. It really is the best.

*what is making me happy this week