wimmhtw* 9.15

wow, 9.15! where does the time go?!?

1. My boyfriend had to take a quick work trip this week, and I am so happy that he had a successful, safe trip there and back, and even more than that, I am absolutely thrilled that he’s back home. I hate to think of myself of one of those women who can’t be without their person, but I have become someone who doesn’t want to be without their person. He is my person, and while I need a little bit of time on my own here and there, this was almost too much. So happy he’s back!

2. I have been especially hard on myself this week. I’ve been constantly hungry, snacking too much and on too much candy and drinking too much pop. This happens once or twice a year. After a week of overindulging, I realize that what’s happening is something is irritating my sinuses and if I wasn’t constantly snacking or drinking something syrupy, my stomach would be a wreck. So upon realizing that, I am giving myself a break. I bought a small cake to indulge in this week and some sugar-free pop that I can feel a little better about. And then it will pass, and I will forget all about it again. But realizing how hard I’ve been on myself lately and letting go of the self-judgment feels good, and that makes me happy.

3. This weekend I binged the BH90210 reboot, and I thought it was so funny. I was impressed at how they handled the story lines and the characters, and as a former fan of the show, it made me really happy. I’m not sure I need more than one season of the reboot, but it was really good. I recommend it to all other open and closet fans of the original series.

*what is making me happy this week