wimmhtw* 8.4

1. We went to see F&F: Hobbs and Shaw yesterday, and it made me happy. The movie itself made me happy, because it was fun and funny and exactly what I was expecting the movie to be, along with a couple of surprises that really made me smile. But I also love movie trailers. I love to see what’s coming and to get a glimpse of the best of that movie. I didn’t get to see the trailer I most wanted to (Where’d You Go, Bernadette?) but I knew it was a longshot. A chick flick trailer before an action movie? Not likely. But all good.

2. The Food Network. They’ve been doing a great job lately of keeping things fresh, of offering up new content that doesn’t stray too far from the old, which I love and which is why I watch the network so much. I’m a big fan of the Worst Cooks/Bakers series, so I’m excited that there is a Worst Bakers series that has been running for a few weeks and a new series of Worst Cooks starting up again tonight (although I will miss Tyler; I think he’s my favorite co-host to Anne Burrell, who has done, I believe, every seasons of Worst Cooks alongside Bobby Flay, Robert Irvine, Rachel Ray, and Tyler Florence). But with the BBQ Brawl show with Michael Symon and Bobby Flay and Carnivorous (which I really like) as well as old standbys of Guy’s Triple D and Triple G and The Kitchen and Beat Bobby Flay and new Restaurant Impossibles, it’s just a good place to land when there’s nothing else on tv and you just need something relaxing on in the background.

3. If you’ve been paying attention to these for the last 4 months, you’d know that we adopted a new cat named Don. Don is wonderful, but he’s also only 2 and has lots f energy. He loves to play, especially when I’m working on my blog. He loves to wander back and forth over the keyboard, pulling up all sorts of weird code that I close quickly so that he doesn’t break Facebook. But that is the reason I have a bowlful of cat toys on the table next to me, and whenever I can, I fill it with his favorites—ping pong balls. They don’t last long here on the table, because he inevitably chases them around, to the stairs, and to the basement, where there are many, possibly dozens of ping pong balls scattered around under the furniture, just waiting for me to make the effort to dig them out. But you know what? I’m busy and they’re inexpensive, so I usually just buy more, or make my boyfriend buy more. But while we still have the ping pong balls in the bowl on the table next to me, I am grateful for them, because it means tonight’s blog post won’t get accidentally deleted by a stray paw, and I know I will have a happy kitten for a few minutes, until he loses that ball to the vast wasteland that is our basement.

*what is making me happy this week