wimmhtw* 8.11

1. Moon Pies. I don’t get them very often, but there was a display in the grocery store where they were 2 for $1. They taste like childhood, and eating one with that marshmallow and chocolate and cookie in between makes me happy.

2. Vinegar. We’ve been struggling with ants these last couple of weeks. And I haven’t found anything (aside from a professional, or possibly an anteater) that can take on ants like plain, cheap white vinegar. I’m not going to declare us ant-free, but we’ve got it down to one every once in a while. That is far better than the number of ants we’ve been dealing with. I’d also like to say: orange essential oil. It’s not as cheap as vinegar, but ants don’t like that either, and it’s inexpensive for an essential oil. Plus it smells like oranges!

3. Premiere League soccer is back! My Saturday and Sunday mornings are all about the soccer again! It’s almost as good as Saturday morning cartoons. If only Man City would recruit Wile E. Coyote, or even better, the Roadrunner! beep beep

*what is making me happy this week