wimmhtw* 7.7

1. You knew this one was coming—a 4 day weekend! It was relaxing and wonderful and somehow still too short. But I’m so grateful that we had these days to hang out and read books and watch movies and (most importantly) hang out with the cat, playing with yarn and getting snuggles, and just enjoying the purrs. And he wasn’t even bothered by the noise of the fireworks.

2. Waffles. For dinner, we had waffles and bacon, and it was just a simple, wonderful, filling, comforting meal. We even had real Vermont maple syrup, which was extra delicious.

3. It’s been a really good soccer weekend. My Sporting guys won yesterday, which they needed. Between injuries and guys just having an off season, we have been hurting! But we won yesterday against Chicago, and the team is recovering from their injuries, so hopefully they’ll get their groove back very soon. Then this morning, the women’s national team won the World Cup. And even as I type, I’m watching the men’s national team play Mexico for the Concacaf Gold Final. I do love watching soccer, and this has been an excellent weekend for it!

*what is making me happy this week