wimmhtw* 7.21

1. We had friends over yesterday, and we had lots of fun. We tried a new restaurant, and it had really good food. There were some issues, as we came at a shift change, and our server was late, so someone else finally took pity on us and stepped in. But she took good care of us, making sure we had drinks and our entrees and our desserts, which included a 32 layer chocolate cake that was really good. It’s a little fancy to go to all the time, but it was good. And then we watched The Secret Life of Pets, and it was just adorable. Now we definitely have to watch the second one at some time.

2. I spent several house this morning watching The Great British Baking Show, one of the newer seasons on Netflix with Noel Fielding et cetera. It’s just so soothing and heart-warming to go back to the tent and relax into baking.

3. The heat finally broke! After a week where the temperatures were well into the 90s, it stormed overnight and brought that number down by like 10. And moving forward, we are looking at 80s for most of the week, so I am very grateful for the break! Especially since Tuesday night we have tickets to a soccer game, Bayern Munchen vs. AC Milan, and I want to enjoy the game without feeling like I’m melting into a big puddle.

*what is making me happy this week