wimmhtw* 6.30

1. Sales! I have been having issues lately with my hair products. I really just need something new, something quality, something that doesn’t cost me too much. And then on Friday I got the email—Beauty Brands is having their liter sale! Liters of shampoo and conditioner are just $14.99 each. And after fighting my way through the stores a few times with this sale, dodging lots of other customers, trying to find a shampoo and conditioner that match, I discovered the best way to beat this sale: order online. No annoying customers in my way, access to all the products, and free shipping over $45. So, shopping is done! Woot! And not only that, but I’ve had my eye on a special cake pan at Williams Sonoma for a while. This weekend it was one sale. Octopus cake pan, $30, done and done! I can’t wait for the next time all our friends get together. I will bring an octopus cake! How often can you say that!?

2. My boyfriend found a class in making cinnamon rolls from one of our favorite local restaurants. We took some time in the middle of a crazy busy week to just hang out and make cinnamon rolls for a couple of hours, and it was such delightful fun. I’m so grateful to him for signing us up and for taking the time to hang out with me, even when it involved baking.

3. I know I use this one a lot, but I’m going to say it again: Don. This weekend he’s been especially snuggly, where he’ll come over to me and snuggle up with me for several minutes, and then go over to my boyfriend and snuggle with him. He is literally sharing the love, and it’s so perfect. He is so sweet and generous, and we are just so lucky that he decided to adopt us!

*what is making me happy this week