wimmhtw* 6.23

1. There is some good soccer going on. We’ve been watching some of the women’s World Cup games, and those players are fierce! They take no prisoners! And they are absolutely phenomenal to watch. I don’t think we’ve seen a bad game yet, no matter who’s been on the field. I can’t wait to see how the next couple of weeks go.

2. Last weekend we went to see MIB International, and it was genuinely fun. I’m a big fan of the Thompsons (like Tessa a lot, ADORE Emma), and Chris Hemsworth is just fun to watch in movies. (To be honest, I would probably have written him off as a bit of a lightweight, except that I saw him in Rush. Amazing film, amazing performance. He is not just a pretty face.) I thought the story was a little obvious, but the cast made it so worthwhile. I hope there are more.

3. The resurgence of old timey game shows. They’d already brought back Family Fued (if you think of it as ever having gone away), $21,000 Pyramid, and Match Game (which I enjoy, but Alec Baldwin is no Gene Rayburn!). And now we have Card Sharks, which I always loved, and Press Your Luck (no whammies!). It’s great having fun, light entertainment for summer that doesn’t involve IQ-impaired singletons trying to hook up or just getting locked up together in a big house. (That being said, Are You the One is coming back, and my boyfriend is completely addicted, so we’ll be watching every episode. I like a little bit of stupid singletons, just not every night of the week). (Also, if you know my boyfriend, I wouldn’t ask him about the stupid dating show, unless you want to get dragged into a long and loud discussion of how people who can’t understand math are stupid. Consider this a public service announcement.)

*what is making me happy this week