wimmhtw* 5.5

1. The past few months I have let my email inboxes get freakishly out of control, so this afternoon, I set to work on cleaning them out. I may not get this done for a while yet, but I’ve already made a big dent. I am very happy about that.

2. It rained last week, stormed actually, and while I don’t mind the rain, this weekend has been sunny and perfectly wonderful outside. Not too hot yet, not too cool, not too windy, not too pollen-y. They’re talking about more rain for this coming week, and I’m okay with that, especially if it keeps the temperatures down a little. Usually, we get a week or so of spring and then the temperatures jump to the 90s, so these 60s and 70s are downright luxurious.

3. My independent bookstore, Rainy Day Books. Last weekend was Independent Bookstore Day, and I wasn’t able to make it there (we had tickets for Avengers), so I placed an order online to pick up. We went yesterday to pick up my books, and (of course) to buy more. This is my haul. And the best part? The bottom 3 are signed! Frances Mayes, Sally Field, and Alexander McCall Smith. So excited!!

*what is making me happy this week