wimmhtw* 2.3

1. I have been wanting to play around with stocks a little, but just a little. It hardly seemed worth it if I had pay a $5-10 trading fee each time, so I haven’t really done much. But one of my favorite podcasts started talking about a new app/website called Robinhood. It lets you buy and sell stock with no fees. Yes, I said it. No fees. So I have started playing, and I look forward to seeing if I’m any good at it at all. I anticipate losing money, but we’ll see. At least I feel like I’m in control. If you’re interested in giving it a shot, you can click here, and we’ll both get a free stock—you just for signing up and me for referring you.

2. The weather was brutal this week, with temperatures getting down in the single digits. People north of us had it way worse, so I’m not complaining too much, but it was rough. However, there was some bounce back, with the temperature today getting back up to 63. It’s not my idea for a February day (the temperature extremes are misery to my sinuses), but at least it happened on a Sunday, when we could enjoy it. We even got to let the cat out for a little bit this afternoon, not usually something we can do in February. The temperatures are heading back down this week, mostly 30s, but that is something I can deal with. Everything in moderation, especially the weather, is all I ask for. Although I’m willing to make an exception for a winning Powerball ticket.

3. It’s the SuperBowl, and while I don’t care all that much about the score (it’s the wrong football for my tastes), it is still fun to watch the commercials. Looking forward to the next Avengers movie. Love the idea of the M&Ms candy bar. Although it may be the Bud Light/Game of Thrones mashup that wins the night. Maybe. It’s only halftime now. There is still more to come . . .

*what is making me happy this week