wimmhtw* 2.24

1. 3 words. Girl Scout Cookies. I ordered a bunch of them from my cousin and went and picked them up today. I am a happy girl.

2. Taxes. I mean, I’m not saying I’m happy about taxes, but I am happy about how much easier they are now that we can do them online. It’s so much easier than having to dig through a bunch of forms and worry about postage and all. Now, it’s just a matter of clicking the right keys on the keyboard, and they’re done. I mean, mine aren’t yet, but hopefully soon. And it will be so much easier.

3. I have a boyfriend, and we have a cat. I love them both very much, but sometimes they smell. But Febreze is helping me with that. And not only have they invented an even stronger air freshener, they have also started offering a refill bottle for the fabric refresher. I think they understand how I live, and I am very grateful.

*what is making me happy this week