wimmhtw* 2.17

1. I skipped last week, all week, for the blogging because I did not feel at all good. It was partly the weather (the temperature had huge shifts, which always screws with my sinuses and doesn’t help the cat or my boyfriend, so we were all miserable), partly stress, and partly just that germarific time of year. So I took the week off. And now, the first thing that is making me happy this week is that I am feeling better. It may not last, but at least for now, for today, I am feeling better. That makes me very happy.

2. Real food. I have barely been cooking for months, but I’ve started getting back into it. Right now, there is a pot of homemade steak soup on the stove and a meatloaf in the oven. There will be good eating this week!

3. A friend suggested tonight on Facebook being pen pals, writing in real life. I do miss writing and reading real letters, and I have been looking for ways to build friendships. This seemed like the perfect solution for me. I may make the offer on the Facebook myself, to see who else of my friends are interested in giving it a shot.

*what is making me happy this week