wimmhtw* 1.6

1. After an extended vacation from putting words together coherently, I am back. I can’t promise not to disappear again, as we’re not all 100% healthy again, but I am trying to do better this year. And I think stopping each week to be grateful is good for me. So the first thing making me happy this week is being back and blogging again.

2. I am very grateful that although last year I was a hot mess with the books I asked for from publishers, they haven’t completely given up on me and still let me read some books early. I am excited for a new year and a chance to get some reading caught up.

3. I have a new car, so I once again have a working radio and CD player in my car. In fact, it’s so fancy (and by fancy, I mean several years old but fancier than any car radio I’ve had before), I can use Bluetooth to listen to books from my phone’s Audible app. I feel like a master of [fairly basic] technology, and that makes me very happy.

*what is making me happy this week