wimmhtw* 1.27

1. We have been working hard to get things set up for this coming week. I am looking forward to a calm week. where we can hunker down at home and concentrate on relaxing and getting lots of sleep. I’m feeling the edges of bronchitis, and last week I kept hearing the woman two desks down from me and her horrendous cough. I don’t want that, so I am looking forward to a week where there is lots of soup in the kitchen and early bedtimes more nights than not.

2. There is a new season of Big Brother: Celebrity Edition, and it’s a wild mix of people—Joey Lawrence from Blossom, Jonathan Bennett from Cupcake Wars, Ryan Lochte from the stupid scandal at the Olympics, Kato Kaelin from O.J. Simpson’s guest house, Lindsay Lohan’s mom, The Mooch from Trump’s White House (briefly). We record it during the week and catch up on weekends. It’s a crazy mess, and this season is going to be so much fun! I can’t wait to see what happens next!

3. Tonight is the WWE Royal Rumble. My boyfriend is a big wrestling fan, and he’s brought me into this world, not always willingly. But the Rumble is my favorite of the pay-per-views, so for now I’m happy.

*what is making me happy this week