wimmhtw* 1.13

1. We got a ton of snow again this weekend. The weather forecasters didn’t anticipate us getting as much as we did. I didn’t want as much as snow as we got, but at least it was warm out, so it was easier to clean off the car. And it forced me to stay in on Saturday and take it easy. I needed that. And it was very pretty.

2. Geico has been playing some of their older “classic” commercials, so I’ve gotten to see some of my favorites again. Like the action dude who is getting attacked by three different enemies when his mom calls to talk about the squirrels that are back in the attic (“It’s personal this time”) and to ask if he’s in a zumba class. Or the best one ever, MikeMikeMikeMikeMike, yes, it’s a camel celebrating Hump Day. I have missed that guy.

3. The new cast of Big Brother, Celebrity Edition was just announced, and it is pure absurdity. These days I totally need some brainless entertainment, and I am so happy for this. And also Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club. Because wow. Just wow.

*what is making me happy this week