wimmhtw* 9.9

1. Today I started seeing commercials for the new fall tv season, and there are some definite bright spots in the lineup. I am so looking forward to the new Murphy Brown! I loved the original, loved the mix of characters and the strong voice of Murphy herself. I can't wait to see how they're going to update it. I also saw commercials for the new (and final) season of The Big Bang Theory, which looks like more fun that is Chuck Lorre unique blend of clever writing and wacky characters. So excited! Oh, and also: Hell's Kitchen! 

2. Labor Day we had to go to CVS, and the pharmacy was uncharacteristically slow, so the pharmacist suggested we go ahead and get our flu shots. My boyfriend had just signed up at work, so he declined, but I decided to go ahead and do it. So I got my flu shot for the year already, and it cost me nothing because of my health insurance. After last year's deadly flu, I'm so glad to be ahead of the curve on this one this year. Thank you, CVS!

3. The Boy Scouts were out in full force today, selling popcorn. I love the Boy Scout popcorn, so we've started stocking up. We love to eat popcorn and I'll make it in a big Dutch oven on the stove usually once a week, so I'm excited to get the good stuff back in stock in my pantry! Oh, and it's nice to help the kids too. 


*what is making me happy this week